House Plants

House Plants For Your Beautiful Home

Beautiful plants and flowers have the amazing subtle power to improve our homes as well as our mood.
They also add a touch of nature and life compared to all the other components e.g bricks, metals and furnishings. For some taking good care of plants brings a sense of satisfaction and well-being. You can never go wrong by adding house plants to beautify your home.
Below are some of the best indoor house plants for you to pick from according to your taste and the design you want to create for your home.

What is more adorable than a mini orchid? This special, miniature double stem phalaenopsis in pinks and purples is a wonderful gift for all occasions.
Orchids prefer indirect sunlight. This plant does best when the soil is evenly moist and watered when dry to the touch about once a week.
This houseplant is best suited for growing indoor


Peace lilies are a popular plant for many reasons. If you’re a brand new plant parent, these plants both purify the air and are notoriously easy to care for. If you’re gifting one to a loved one, they share a message fit for many occasions.
Care Tips: Place your peace lily in full sun to partial shade. Be sure to rotate the plant once or twice a week to promote even growth. Water your peace lily about once a week when the soil is dry to the touch. This plant is best suited for indoor growing.

The Blooming Azalea Bonsai is the perfect way to send a Thank You, Happy Birthday, or Just Because! The Azalea blooms twice per year with promising beauteous blooms from April through May and the rest of the months. This popular plant will make this perfect impression this season
Care Tips: hardy outdoor plants like junipers and azaleas need to go through the change of seasons. They can be brought in for a few days but after a few weeks they start failing due to lack of natural light and lack of humidity needed to grow. In the coldest areas most outdoor bonsai will need winter protection in garages or basements and unheated areas of the home. Being inside with a heater going will kill most of the outdoor trees quickly This plant is best suited for growing outdoors depending on climate.

French Garden

The French Garden employs lush, green plants to create a gift ideal for any of  life’s special occasions. Containing a varied assortment of green plants, this dish garden arrives presented in a basket to create a wonderful way to send your sentiments across the miles. Variety of plants and basket style will vary.


Amazing Arboricola

Also known as the umbrella plant due to its lovely arching leafy branches, this is an amazing gift. It can last for years and lend its graceful beauty to any home or office. Standing almost three feet tall in its olive green ceramic planter, this arboricola is a natural. Color and style of container may vary.
care tips: Arboricola plants grow best under medium to bright, indirect light but can be maintained in higher light situations. If you keep your Arboricola in a very low light condition it will require less watering frequency. Always grow the umbrella plant inside containers that have bottom drain holes to avoid root rot .

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