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Loss of Sense Of Smell: What Does It Mean?

Are you experiencing a sudden loss of sense of smell and wondering what is happening to you, or maybe someone close to you is going through the same, just keep calm and read on.
In this post is my experience about sudden loss of sense of smell. Until recently I didn’t even know it was possible for someone to lose their ability to perceive smells.
It was in January 2021, precisely a month ago. One evening I was in the kitchen cooking my favorite chicken stew, the stew was almost done when it suddenly dawned on me that I was not perceiving any smell, which was strange, because my chicken stew is always extra seasoned and spiced. I brought my nose close to the steaming stew and smelled nothing. I sniffed every spice and condiments in the kitchen, still nothing. I ran to the bathroom and also sniffed every soap and perfumed body wash and again no smell. I almost screamed.


But to avoid getting my friends and family worried immediately, I decided to keep calm and see if  it was just a passing thing. Also, to calm my mind I decided to do some research and these are my findings:


1. Over half of the people who had been exposed to covid-19, even after they recovered, lost their sense of smell.
Since I had never been exposed to covid-19, that was ruled out.
2. Kidney disease or any disease that affects the liver can lead to impaired or complete loss of sense of smell. Because the body cannot filter waste out of the body efficiently.
Since my last check up, I didn’t have any kidney or liver disease, so that was ruled out too.
3. The common cold or flu or any sickness that affects the respiratory area can also cause loss of sense of smell.
So there was the culprit, some days prior to my not being able to smell anything I had been sick , my chest felt so heavy and then coughing and my nose dripped a little but only from one nostril.
I took some medications for a couple of days, and that brings up the next point.
4. Some medications can also lead to impaired sense of smell.
Which got me wondering if  it was only the cold or coupled with the medications I had taken that led to the loss of sense of smell.
5. Someone who loses their sense of smell may also lose their sense of  taste or ability to taste.
6. If  the sense of smell or taste does not return within two weeks or if any other complications arise. A doctor’s visit is completely in order.


 I also discovered that most people regain their sense of smell after some days or weeks depending on the cause but a few never do. Also inability to smell odors can put someone in danger as they may not be able to smell a leaky gas or dangerous chemical.
That night I couldn’t sleep, wondering if  my sense of smell would ever return , should I go see a doctor immediately, or let everyone else know first. Finally I decided to wait a few days and to stay mostly indoors and be careful. Also to eat more healthy foods.
The next day I called my friend Sera, she too never knew loss of sense of smell was a thing. She wanted to come over and take me to the hospital immediately but after I told her all that I found out, she finally agreed for us to wait a while.
The good news is that my sense of smell returned gradually by day five and by day seven it was completely back and better.
On the day my sense of smell started returning, I remember eating a lot of mangoes. Then on the day of complete restoration, I had drank some ginger tea, fresh ginger tea to be precise. Now I’m not saying it was the mangoes or the ginger tea that did it but it certainly helped as ginger is one of the healthiest foods on planet earth. You can get ginger at your local health foods  or natural supplement store nearest to you. This ginger tea recipe is simple, just cut off a little bit of ginger and peel, slice or cut into cubes and pour into a tea cup or mug. Add freshly boiled clean hot water and cover it for five to ten minutes, allow to cool to a comfortable temperature and just drink it. That’s all.  (if for any reason you feel you cannot drink this simple ginger tea, consult your doctor first).
This experience has made me to know that we all should be grateful to the Almighty GOD for our lives and our body parts which he gave to us free.
Yea I know there are some people who may not like how a part of their body looks especially their nose and are considering surgery, 
But I think surgery or going under the knife should be for health reasons or even a life threatening situation rather than just for looks.
That is why I would discourage going under the knife just for looks, especially for certain parts of the body.


Have you ever had a loss of sense of smell, what was your experience like. Share in the comments




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